Saturday, May 3, 2014

Out of the Classroom and Into the Showroom!

The STARA team is proud and honored to work closely with Clicia’s Designs and Shayne’s Treasures – so closely, in fact, that we together decided to host a few classes in their shop in Dragon Bay!  In the small kitchenette we held two cocktail classes – one sweet and one salty – during two consecutive days in April. We figured; if you can do it here – you can do it anywhere!

We arrived one day early to set up and organize ourselves, without too much disturbance we hope, and all we brought (except for ingredients and a lot of utensils) was a hot plate, since while there are two ovens in the tiny kitchenette there is no stove.

Class number one was dedicated to sweet treats and cocktails and, in only a few short hours, we managed to whip up lemon curd, strawberry coulis, white chocolate mousse, chipotle brownie bites and mini scones and, of course, successfully mix two cocktails to go with. The aim was to show how easy it is to create a sweet spread for any occasion, be it a cocktail party or a sit down dinner.

In class number two we showed our students how to make two of our most asked for treats; cheddar wrapped olives and the addictive herb filo paquets. Though these two nibbles are a bit time consuming, they are well worth the work. There were no leftovers after this class! While we waited for these two warm delights to bake, we quickly whipped up an artichoke and olive dip and devoured it with crudités.  A cocktail party is no party without cocktails and we not only stirred a perfect dry martini, we created some crowd friendly party drinks based on the martini theme.

We had a fantastic time these two days, meeting new friends and sharing good food and drinks together and we hope to repeat the success in the future. If you are interested in joining us; look out on the blog for announcements on when it will happen!

Of course we took time to browse the bling in the store – there is truly something for everyone and it’s an excellent place to find that special thing for that special someone. And if you are in the market for new spectacles, sunglasses or correctives, make sure to pass by on a Tuesday when Wendy is in the house. She will help you get that movie star look with glasses directly imported from Los Angeles.

Clicia’s Designs and Shayne’s Treasures are located on the east side of Dragon Bay Villas, next to the Ice Mart, close to the police station.

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