Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Loo News!

Exciting news!!!

Like hot pot?  Well, so do we. What is better to warm you up on a cold, foggy (or polluted) day than a steaming bowl of healthy broth, plates full of protein and fresh veggies all dunked down in a sesame paste infused bowl of goodness?  So, the season might be almost over but still; there is some exciting news! The Sense Joy branch in Pinnacle Plaza now has a, wait for it….an IN HOUSE RESTROOM!! It is true and also relatively clean.  This is great, huge even. No more middle of dinner excursions to the stinky outdoor loos next to the Cantonese place and the weirdly placed phone booth. Thank you Sense Joy.

We even have picture proof:

On another note; Europlaza is celebrating 5 years and have apparently been celebrating Thanksgiving all this time (read the small print at the bottom)!

This week the STARAteam will host a class dedicated to chicken; never have we consumed so much poultry as we have since moving to China - it is a mystery we do not cluck and grow feathers. It is easy to be stuck in the same recipes and we hope to widen the repertoire of the lucky ones joining us. As a special guest, we will have Sara’s dad who is visiting from Beijing; the very same dad who taught her how to cook.

Spring has finally sprung in Beijing and we are enjoying all the beautiful flowers surrounding us. That the weekend past gave us glorious sun filled and pollution free weather did not hurt either!

It is difficult to fathom but we are on the home stretch for summer; how did that happen? It is only April, we know, but sooner than we know it Beijing will empty of expats with school-aged children for the summer months, soaking up fresh air overseas for next year.

We have many exciting events leading up to summer though, check our schedule under the STARAcooking tab and send us an email if you want to join us. After the big success of Cocktails 101 we decided to create a cocktail 202 class; we can’t have every cocktail party in Beijing serving the same cocktails and nibbles, right? If cocktails are not your thing, how about an Easter Feast, vegetarian or a bikini inspired Spring Fling? We will make a variety of healthy recipes to prepare us for the dreaded beach season.  And keep watching for a special announcement from STARAfood that will help everyone stay healthy this year!  

Happy Cooking!!!

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