Monday, March 4, 2013

Welcome to STARAfood Beijing!!

There is no doubt that Beijing is a food lovers’ Mecca. Beijing offers a wide variety of local and international cuisines, to all tastes and wallets. Hand pulled noodles in steaming bowls of soup, dumplings of every shape and form, exotic specialties like tongue numbing hot dishes from Szechuan and deep fried critters from Yunnan, French bistros and Italian trattorias; both simple cafes and beer house and chefs awarded with Michelin stars are represented in this gigantic city – going hungry is not an option.

But, have you ever been out eating and thought, "This meal is great but I wonder what it would be like if I put my own spin on it?" That is the idea behind our blog. Our grand plan is to host monthly dinner parties with friends who will tell it like it is. Hopefully our 'spin' will work, but if not, there is always wine! We have the uttermost respect for the men and women who choose to dedicate their lives for our pleasure and satisfied pallets and bellies, and we do not try to copy their original ideas and craft, simply get inspired by them and passing their ideas forward through us.

Do you know of a fabulous restaurant we should to try or an idea for a spin on your favorite dish? Let us know and join us as we get creative with Beijing's culinary scene!
Who knows; you might just get invited to dinner….

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